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Hello everybody!

InSicily is a sole proprietor company owned, managed and runned by me, Giovanni Matta.
It was founded in year 2000 after 5 great years I spent in New York City working in the photo business at MVlabs, the greatest BW lab and Gallery in NYC. All started finding villas for my American friends visiting me in Sicily and showing them the Sicily I like, the passion I have and sharing with them my enthusiasm.

Today is a small business without loosing the personal touch and the accuracy I put in every property or tour I you would be my best friend.
My villa selection is a cute small selection, in my opinion success is not numbers but quality! Ill try to keep it small so I can take care well of each property you'll find in this web site.

Along with a selection of villas I love, there are very special wine tours I personally run. Yes, Im a wine lover and finally Sicilian wines are very good to be offered! I picked only the finest wineries of the island, where the human touch is still prevalent in the making of wine.

Lastly in these last year I've been kept more and more time in the little island of Pantelleria and i do run another web site (for now only in Italian language) specialized on rental of Dammusi, the tipycal houses made with lava stone. Please take some minutes to visit our great web site:

People choose InSicily for its personal view of business, services and most of all, for its deep knowledge of the island.

This is the place where I was born and this is the place I know best.

See you InSicily,

Giovanni Matta

2000-2009 InSicily di Giovanni Matta