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CastleThe Castle of Falconara, half surronded by a palm treegrove, stands on a rocky promontory overlooking the sea. This most harmonious and pictoresque building was built in different stages. It still keeps the large square tower, used by the previous owners to breed the falcons for hawking, thence the actual name. We learn that Ugone di Santapau received it as gift from King Martino d'Aragona in 1392, for taking his side in battles against his enemies. In 1540 the castle became the property of Ambrogio Santapau Branciforte, Prince of Butera, and after, through a feminine line, passed to the Count Wilding, a German officer. During the revolution of 1848, the Count chose to go back to his country and sold the castle to the Baron Antonio Chiaramonte Bordonaro, great grandfather of the present owner Baron Gabriele. The several rooms of the castle are full of hunting trophies shot by the landlord and his son during their safaris in Africa, which give an exotic touch and an unusual atmosphere to the place. The furnishings of the castle are incredibly rich and tastefully. A lot of antiques can be admired in the six living rooms of the castle. The bedrooms are particularly cared with furniture in style and almost all of them have a large window with an enchanting seaview. It is a magical place where you can still feel the ancient time, when sit in front of one of the several fireplaces that enrich every room, the sound of the sea surround your stay in the castle. The castle also offer a private access to the sandy beach through a suggestive stair inside a cave. There you can find a room for changing and sea equipment with shower and bathroom and, best of all, a huge terrace with an exotic garden on the beach level.

The castle is developed in 4 level: from the ground level to the beach level. At the ground level there is the entrance, the large stairs that lead you down to the second level and the most restored wing of the castle with seven double bedrooms - all of them with private bathroom, a huge living room with windows that give you the view of the Mediterranean sea and a kitchen. At the second level there are six living rooms, the dining room, the kitchen, the room for the housemaid, three bedroom for a total of 4 sleep, two full bathroom, the huge terrace along the perimeter of the castle where you can have your daily sun-bath. There is also a suite with a private full bathroom that sleep two. At the third level there are seven bedrooms for a total of 13 sleep and just three full bathroom. By the next April each bedroom will have an en-suite bathroom with shower. The last level - the fourth one, is the beach level. Here there is a bathroom and a shower, the garden- terrace and the entrance to the beach.

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Villa at a glace

The Castle features:

  • Private parking
  • Private access to the beach
  • Fourteen double bedrooms
  • Three single bedrooms
  • One suite-double bedroom with private bathroom
  • Twelwe bathrooms with shower or tub
  • Six living rooms
  • One Dining rooms
  • Several fireplaces
  • Changing room
  • Private garden - solarium
  • Huge panoramic terrace
  • Maid Service
  • Private cook


Touring ideas
The castle is strategically located in the south coast of Sicily. From here you can reach many culturally interesting sites like Agrigento with its valley of Greek temples (45 kilometers away) or Piazza Armerina where is located the ancient roman villa with his splendid mosaics (50 kilometers) or Caltagirone (55 kilometers) with his traditional majolicas and ceramic pots. The nearest shopping centre is the village of Licata (11 kilometers away)

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